It is My Mind Talks

when tongue cannot speak but fingers replace its role

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    Do you know them? Well, they are a couple who play duo-accoustic jazz music.

    Their songs are so easy listening and have a deep meaning. Their inspiration of making all songs are so great.

    Besides, they have low-profile personality. They’re so friendly.

    They’ve released two albums: Nowhere to Go and Look What We’ve Found

    1st album: Nowhere to Go consists of:

    1. I Don’t Remember
    2. Dreams Interlude
    3. Blue Day
    4. When You Love Someone
    5. Living with Pirates
    6. Catch the Windblows
    7. A Thousand Candle Lighted
    8. Uncle Jim
    9. Baby It’s You
    10. Before You Sleep
    11. Take Me Home

    And the 2nd album: Look What We’ve Found consists of:

    1. Monkey Song
    2. Remember Me
    3. Midnight Sun
    4. Kou Kou The Fisherman
    5. Wish You Were Here
    6. Mirror Spell
    7. It’s Gone
    8. The King
    9. Waiting
    10. Tuimbe (Let’s Sing)

    Their performances really make auditions turn green with envy because this couple of married always shows that they love each other in every their performance.

    Their fans called earFriends (endahNrhesa Friends).

    That’s a bit about Endah N Rhesa.

    Thank you :)